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What Draws Nuisance Wildlife to Houses in New Jersey?

Whether getting your first residential property or having recently located from another state, owning a home can be gratifying for most homeowners. This worthwhile investment provides security and stability, especially during harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, the comforts of your home are also attractive to unwanted guests, like nuisance wildlife.
Besides invoking fear and disrupting your daily life, nuisance wildlife can pose severe health risks to humans and pets. While panicking and calling an exterminator is your first choice, you must also educate yourself about why they love settling in your home.
If you want to remove these pests from your property without disrupting your daily routine, this article will enumerate the types of nuisance wildlife. We'll also explain why they love your home, how they sneak inside, and how to keep your property critter-free.

4 Types of Nuisance Wildlife in New Jersey
Before explaining why they love your New Jersey home, here are the four types of nuisance wildlife creatures that your professional exterminator can handle.

1. Groundhogs
Groundhogs are cute and cuddly but notorious for causing trouble in lawns or gardens by digging holes. Besides ruining your outdoor space, they can cause plant damage because of their big appetites. Their burrows can also pose tripping hazards on your property, which can be especially dangerous if you have children, pets, or elderly loved ones.

2. Raccoons
Raccoons are a common sighting in urban and suburban areas. However, their intelligence and resourcefulness enable them to create unpleasant household issues like waste cans, gardens, and houses. They’re also notorious for being possible disease carriers like rabies and destroying your belongings.

3. Skunks
Skunks are infamous for their potent smell, which they release to protect themselves when they sense impending danger. They can also become bothersome when they create their homes underneath patios or storage areas. Moreover, these foul creatures disturb your daily routine when they spray their odor on buildings or other objects.

4. Squirrels
Squirrels are best known for being cute and cuddly from afar. Seeing your pet chase these creatures up a tree can be hilarious and meme-worthy. However, don’t let their tiny stature deceive you because they can cause trouble by invading attics, nibbling on electrical wires, or digging up gardens. They can also harm your trees by peeling off the bark or chewing on the branches.

How Can an Exterminator Help?
If your house has a nuisance wildlife problem, you must handle it carefully and compassionately, and you can do that by seeking assistance from a professional exterminator. They can provide expert guidance and eliminate the problem without harming the animal. That way, you can prevent similar problems and protect your household.

Why Are Nuisance Wildlife Attracted to My Home?
Wildlife is attracted to homes for food, shelter, water, and warmth. Bird feeders and gardens attract birds and squirrels, while trash cans and pet food attract raccoons and opossums. Some animals may also settle in residential properties for nesting or denning purposes.

Why Do These Creatures Enter New Jersey Homes in Winter?
Winter can be challenging for animals as food sources become scarce and the weather is colder. They may seek alternative food sources in residential areas and even enter properties to give birth.

How to Keep Your Home Nuisance Wildlife-Free
You can keep wildlife from entering your house and protect your community by securing trash cans, eliminating outdoor food sources, and sealing possible entry points. However, if you should remove them from your home, you must handle them carefully and humanely by calling a professional exterminator.

No New Jersey home deserves to suffer from a nuisance wildlife infestation because these creatures can cause health and safety issues, fear, and property damage. You can protect your household and community by keeping a clean property, sealing entry points, and calling a professional exterminator.

If your home needs a professional exterminator in New Jersey, call Above and Beyond Pest! Our fully-insured company offers wildlife removal, trapping, exclusion, and clean-up services. Contact us now!